Rehabilitate those Equine furrbabies after a year of hard sweat, willingness to your athletic demands and bounding desires to win.
Those majestic beasts need our Rejuvination every sense of the way to the new year with the use of
supplements, salves, horse blankets, therapeutic wraps, massage oils, bell boots etc.
Reiterate in the cold or the heated moments with boredom stall treats, anxiety treats, water supplements, or heart monitors for our patients.

I’d like to take a moment to suggest a gift in need to the west coast fire that has debilitated several horses and several acres of land. They might really appreciate gift cards or horse blankets and any therapeutic items and any safety equipment to get their lives back in order.

Our animals are a very important part of our lives, but, in the case that you are JUST NOT A FAN of those furry critters, try a 4th R for that new year! A ROBOT😄! BB8 is helping R2 D2 look awesome. They’d like to come out and play in the new year.

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