With this rush and go lifestyle that has us going faster than WIFI can catch up with us, we need to feel safe no matter which way we go. From home safety options that may include an Eero WIFI system, indoor outdoor lighting, Norton router, or perhaps a Furbo, certain investments are a priceless must.

As we leave for our fun-filled day, our added safety zone might include our bodies. The overlooked element of our head is a common mistake that can cost us our lives. This is where the 2nd safety zone can be addressed perhaps with an equine troxel helmet,a mountain bike helmet, or a motorcycle helmet; and if we’re flying through obstacles like a comet, take on an air supplied safety vest, or a pulse rate monitor for our horse( or Fitbit for runners).

For our 3rd safety zone, we can’t forget what we put IN our human robotic systems. Juicers are a great energy booster, or if you’re a risk taker, try the new Joule to whisk away the cooking blahs. Regardless of what kind of safety zone we might feel the need for, these are just some suggestions to ponder for your last minute gifts to start the new year. Happy Holidays and Happy shopping­čśâ

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